Full Credit Repair

The Full Credit Repair includes removal or settling of collections accounts, charged-off/closed credit cards, repossessions, bankruptcies, foreclosures and tax liens. Our best seller!

Credit Rebuilding

The Credit Rebuilding Service includes a month to month consultation with one of a specialist to sit down and come up with steps to get you to the FICO score desire.

Business Credit Building

The Business Credit Building includes setting up a EIN, opening a business account, setting up website,and  also included services to show you how to establish buiness credi

The Collections Removal

The Collections Removal includes removal of collections account from your credit report across all major credit bureaus. In addition, we assist you in rebuilding /establishing positive credit history to get and maintain a high FICO score.

Student Loan Discharge

The Student Loan Discharge includes complete and legal discharge from student loan lenders. This does NOT include loans for clients who are currently enrolled and exhausting student loan funds.